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Ready, Players? What is a good Player in a MMORPG

What is a good Player in a MMORPG

So, I said it before, I played a lot those 2 last years and often wondered about things, about what is fair, and also, about what is a good Player. This last part is the one I'd like to bring my contribution to, as it might be of help to some of you here, or at least will possibly entertain some of you. First, I'll seize the occasion to ask my characters once more, then, I'll give you my own answer and finish what I had to do in Tamriel...

Eiza Lluvia D'arrasar: A good Player is the One that makes it to the Ruby Throne. In a 30 days campaign, that is! Well, and with some intestine troubles (e.g., jealousy of some guildmates, inconstant support leading to night of errance, infinite loading screens and lags etc.) as well as a strong opposition in every alliances I guess...

Lana Doigts D'Argent: In my case, I mostly focus on perfecting every aspects of crafting - Sewing being the noblest Art - and teaching to the other as well. And Yeah, falling vMA is a must-have!

Lulamae River D'Harrenal: Being good is going to the pit as a baby dragon, eating 1,ooo enemies, covering yourself with their "fire drake" blood. Now that you feel alive, in your new Calico outfit, you can travel the world playing the guitar and singing /RedDiamond! *smiles*

Doesn't-Taste-Blood: Shhh hhh hhh!!

-Chloé: *Didn't bother to log in.*

Bessa Boavista: The only way is to follow Trinimac's will and the rules of my homelands! Fight like an Orc, adopt an orphan baby seal, eat roasted chubby loons. And do whatever you want!

Ariana Dragondor: Just be shiny and bring sun to the folks around! That's how you'll enjoy life o/

Maia Mellifera: Tame a cliff-runner, tame a netch, try to heal a bit, then you'll be fully equipped for a life! And take care of the bees

Maya Hellkite: Block. Dance with the ghosts, flap your wings, roll-dodge the beetles, roll-dodge the beetles... and R.I.P. the baby dragon < 3

'Mathilde: Err... Naya? Shall I really say something?!

Lucilla Llama D'Arrasar: Well, I guess being a great Player is just what Eiza Lluvia said. And If you are not her, then try to hurt her so that she looks a bit less great compared to you...

'Suzanne: Being great is pushing every single mission to the end - then, grab the reward, go home, hit hard on a dummy and have a good rest... or Sex'

'Larissa: Live like a monk and do what the Psijics ordered... And absolutely trust everything the Augure of the Obscure told you!

Roy Araucariaensis: Naya, pal, you're the best Player I ever met!

'Demzella: Oh c'mon, Naya's just a fool that thinks "highly of himself"!

My own answer:
There is no good Player in a MMORPG. Many will put a lot of effort trying to be efficient in their domains, eventually succeeding at some point, but all that is really subjective, reputation-based, and literally even if some are better than others to achieve a given task, there's no way to state that passed some universal threshold you start being good. All this being very arbitrary and contextual... Just like in life, most Players live and play aiming at doing their best with what they have - and that's it.

End of the Arc of Nayawin14 in Tamriel...
Nayawin14 then waved, took the hand of Lulamae and they both start running to a small boat awaiting right there on the sand. Pushed it back to the fresh and salty water of the lagoon, laughing, then jumping aboard and releasing the Sails, letting the wind carry them to the horizon until they disappeared, veiled by the infinite mass of water boiling under the sun.

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