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What sets should the healers be using now?

In your raids what sets do your healers use? I’m trying to figure out what a group would want a healer to wear in a trial. If One healer would have olorime + jourvolds (I know I spelt it wrong), what would the other wear? Sanctuary + mending? I’ve heard from people that sanctuary is overrated
  • LordDov
    It really depends on the trial , in some of my groups we wear worm cult sometimes or IA ,but Sanctuary can be really strong in heavy healing situations like Cloudrest on veteran or Vhof HM.
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  • profundidob16_ESO
    you want SPC (or olorime as equivalent alternative)+worms+mending to be worn by any combination of the 2 healers. All the rest is situational or flavour/luxury. Sanctuary is the most preferred 4th healing set simply because of it's awesome hps strength which is really more than useful in some situations. Other sets like Jorvulds/kagrenacs/ are still useful but pure luxury.

    Experienced raid healers have instant swappable gear presets that are able to produce any combination of those 4 sets in bold with 1 single mouseclick
  • Danksta
    Generally IA+Mending. Sanctuary is a good set in certain fights. With most mag DPS being NBs these days I don't see any point in running Worm since they can sustain a light attack rotation with out it.
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  • snegurd
    IA and Olorime are the best to boost group DPS and should be run by the 2 healers. Worms is great for group utility as well, increasing sustain for you, the tank, and magicka DDs. After that pick from Sanctuary or Mending to help with healing checks (I think Mending is better personally but take your pick). As a tank I am biased towards increased DPS and sustain, so keep that in mind.

    Like @profundidob16_ESO said the best healers carry around all of the above mentioned sets and can swap as needed.
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