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The Phoenix decry is recruiting for new members

The Phoenix Decry Guild is recruiting new members - from new players to veterans. We are a social guild with an organized rank system. You'll earn ranks through your participation in the guild activities and your desire to be a leader in the guild.

We hold guild activities. Such as collecting sky shards, delves, dungeon runs, and spontaneous group activities.

We do hold Guild activities in Cyrodiil. If you want to participate in those Guild activities in Cyrodiil. You will need to have a character in the Aldmeri Dominion
Our ultimate goal is to claim and maintain a Keep in Cyrodiil. It might sound unrealistic. But it will be nice to see if we can try.

If you are interested in know more, send an PSN Message to DCA-1981. There will be more than willing to group up with you to answer any of your questions. The only requirement we ask is that you have good functioning microphone.
PSN: DCA-1981
Guild: The Phoenix Decry
Guild Website:
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