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Solo Outnumbered PvP - Medium Stam classes only - Summerset

There was 25+ minutes of footage originally with some great stamblade footage and misc clips from all the other classes, but unfortunately I'm 110% clueless on how to use editing software and half the clips became corrupted every time I tried to import them. This is what I could piece together. Enjoy!

React Faster - XB NA - Longtime Solo & Small scale PvP player
1250+ CP

Characters (All AP earned Solo or in groups smaller than 5/BG's)
Heal R - AD redguard Templar - AR 50
Lurkist - AD Argonian Blade - AR 32 - Played as both mag and stam
Or Sorc - AD redguard sorcerer - AR 33
Bearenstein - AD high elf warden - AR 25 - Changed from stam to magicka 12/10/18
Heel'Ar - AD redguard dragonknight - AR 23
Your Dad's Dad - AD Dark elf dragonknight - AR 19
Second Class Citizen - DC Redguard Templar - AR 11

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