Stamblade DPS looking for monday trial group

Soul Shriven
Title sums it up, I am a CP201 stamblade looking for a raid group that runs on mondays between 5pm and 1am CST (-6 UTC). I have a video to verify this which i will link below, but i have a mix of hundings rage, night mothers gaze, and agility gear all of epic cp 160 quality or better. They all have epic quality or better enchantments as well.

Currently i am able to post a maximum sustained dps of 18500 with a peak of 22k on a 6.5 million hp dummy, also verified in the attached video. I am an experinced raider in other mmos though i am still somewhat new to ESO and have only run the one trial so far.

I do have a nearly full bloodmoon set in my bank i am waiting to get my last item to complete with plans to run vet dungeons to farm out my monster helm and the second set i need asap. currently the bloodmoon set is half fully enchanted legendary and half epics wkth epic level enchantments.

I wish i could raid other days but due to my job as a trucker i can only raid on my day off due to lack of both time and a stable connection the rest of the week. I am 28 if that is a concern for you. For other questions about me feel free to PM or ask here and i will answer as best i can.

See attached video to back my statments of both gear and dps.
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