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Join Sweetroll Swindlers Trading Guild

Sweetroll Swindlers Trading Guild has openings for a few new members

Our Trader this week is Naifineh in Elden Root.
We hire Traders in good locations weekly, run normal and vet trials, undaunted pledges, pvp (all factions) and do random Guild Events such as fishing, world boss runs, Craglorn group events, as well as random (and sometimes inappropriate) shenanigans

Weekly Dues are 5k

Our Guild Hall has a Transmutation Station, all attuned Cyrodiil Crafting Stations, a Dueling Arena & a Jewelry Station. We also offer a separate Crafting Hall with over half of the overland Attuned Crafting Stations!

We hold raffles and auctions to help support Trader bids. We are a seasoned Guild with over 485 members and have been active for 3 years without missing a weekly trader for close to 2 years now

PS4/NA With Active Discord & Facebook Group (just search Sweetroll Swindlers)

Comment with your PSN for an invite or send in-game message to Frilleon
  • Vateriel
    Soul Shriven
    Hello, can you invite me my psnID is: Tiiterobot.
  • adamheid
    I'd like an invite of there's still space.

    PSN: adamheid27
  • Jace669
    Soul Shriven
    If there's still spots I'd like an invite psn req4adream
  • RedNelson_67
    Soul Shriven
    I am interested in an invite to the guild if spots available psn RedNelson_67
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