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Achievement for Eastmarch Pathfinder - impossible to return to Ragnthar

I have completed the Fighters' Guild quest line but Ragnthar did not get credited to the Eastmarch Pathfinder and I do not know why...Have searched but no one knows ... How can I return to Ragnthar to complete whatever is missing?
  • RavenSworn
    thats the spot right above the mountains for the quest right? if i remember correctly, there is a wayshrine there that you can port to.
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  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    You dont need to go in the delve, just get to the area right oitside the door.

    FYI This delve is in zone four for every alliance and you can only enter the one in your alliance during the FG Quest.

    In Eastmarch, it is possible to bypass the indicator that marks your map, so mill around the entrance area
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  • barigood54_ESO

    Nestor, I will check out Eastmarch but everything I hear is that Ragnthar is not on Tamriel is but in a magic space, so it may be a futile effort. Thanks!
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  • barigood54_ESO
    See below :)
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  • barigood54_ESO
    LOL! Do I feel really useless....I figured out what I am doing wrong...I am daggerfall so I would need to go to Ragnthar in Eastmarch...which is what Nestor told me to do....I am about to do that! Thank you, Nestor!!

  • barigood54_ESO
    OK Eastmarch Ragnthar was NOT easy to find...I had given up and started farming for jewelry ore and just fell into it! Walked by the door and PRESTO!! Two achievements :D Thanks, Nestor and Raven for your help!
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