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Cyrodil Keep wall HP bug

Tonight PC NA Chalman North wall was 720,000 HP. ZOS (Brian) stated here on the forums that max wall HP after the most recent patch was supposed to be 305,000. These huge amounts of HP slow the siege down tremendously so that reinforcements arrive.
At the same time, KC wall HP was 505,000, Arrius wall was 410,000, and BRK wall was 305,000.
An inner keep door was 370,000 (Im not sure if this was a bug).
ALL the keeps were level 2.

PLEASE fix this bug which is hurting PVP
  • Anrose
    That’s what’s the max wall HP is supposed to be, but they haven’t fixed that yet. They only fixed the desyncs.
  • Delsskia
    You're doing it wrong Aly, your max health is supposed to be 720,000 HP.
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