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is the Lioness mount ever going to return, i really want to get one of them bad bois.

Soul Shriven
would be nice to keep all mounts on the crown store...
  • Harrdarrzarr
    lioness bad boi?
  • Cadbury
    Aw yeah, dat boi be dope fresh!
    "If a person is truly desirous of something, perhaps being set on fire does not seem so bad."
  • SanguineMyBrother
    That mount is the bee's knees :p
    Xbox NA • Magwarden Main
  • Atallanta
    This mount is in the legendary rewards of Reaper’s Harvest crates. ZOS will bring it back at some point, just keep an eye on the crown store.
  • DanteYoda
    lioness bad boi?

    Uhhh that was my first thought... Bad Grl
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