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Kråke Clan || Order-of-the-Raven style RP Guild || PvE-PvP-Social || Structured Ranks


"The Flock is One and One is the Flock."
"Kråke; the name of black feathers, sharp eyes, and hoarse calls."
"Migrant seekers of opportunity, clever and numerous."
"With quick beak, all Things unattended forfeit."
"With many voices, all Foes mobbed and fell."
"With good sense, Allies made wherever is gain."
"With loyalty, move Together as the crow flies."



The Kråke Clan is a semi-new mercenary roleplay guild with heavy Norse Order-of-the-Raven and assassin themes. Members can come from any background or walk of life in Tamriel, any race or faction, and can come with any set of skills. No matter what skills a member may have, the Clan has a place and a purpose for them.

Just like the crow the guild embodies, the Kråke, at their core, more largely act with cleverness and resourcefulness, rather than mindless brutality and pure muscle. They remember their enemies, but find opportunity and alliance wherever will favor them. Superior wit and tactical maneuvering, along with loyalty, are the Clan's most reliable weapon and philosophy.

Currently, the Clan makes its home in Forsaken Stronghold in Bangkorai. We have a Target Dummy (Wraith-of-Crows), and are working on adding all Crafting Stations to the main hall. We do not have a guild trader at this time.

Joining and maintaining membership is free ; no guild dues or fees. We are open to anyone, new players or old. We also have a discord for the guild, available upon joining.

We are generally looking for all skillsets. Tanks, DPS, healers, merchants / traders, crafters, farmers, etc.

Ranks are as follows, and have tactical purpose and formations for PvE/PvP:
  • Guildmaster: Head
  • Officers: Beak, Eyes
  • Dedicated Roles: Spines (Special Elite), Wings (DPS), Feathers (Healers), Talons (Tanks), Scavengers (Crafters & Resource Gatherers)
  • General Members: Body
  • Trial Members: Fledglings

We are also accepting affiliates and relations with other guilds. Especially roleplay guilds! Have some ideas on how our guilds can interact with each other? Feel free to send a message!

Even more info at

Want to join? Send a whisper or mail to @thegreatme in game!
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