Suggestion: Race Illusion 'Polymorph'

  • phairdon
    SydneyGrey wrote: »
    It's annoying enough seeing a billion identical bankers running around.

    Now we know what is causing the lag.
    Your immersion is breaking my entitlement.
    Buff Sorc's

    Darkshroud the Cremator
    Rubeus Black
    Evil Wizard Lizard (eu)
    White Sauce Error
    Psijic fungal sausage
    The forgotten explorer
    Evil Wizard Death Lizard
    The Fat Panther
    Fluffy Knight Blades
    Ranger of Mephala
    Chiron the Dreadful

  • Unknown_Redemption
    Facefister wrote: »
    I am not missing the point.
    -You want to be a vampire without the downside of being a vampire
    -You want to play a certain race for a certain role without looking like said race
    -OR, you want to look like that race because your current race isn't as effective for your role
    Did I miss something out?

    Instead of wishing for senseless money grab, you should've suggested a ingame barber.

    Na, I am not disappointed with choosing crowns vs a barber. You can go away now.
    ESO - PC NA
  • ImmortalCX
    I'm all for this *IF* the race change and appearance is random.

  • Facefister
    ImmortalCX wrote: »
    I'm all for this *IF* the race change and appearance is random.
    Random race, appearance and gender.
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