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Looking for a minimap that rotates

Soul Shriven
Hi there!
Im looking for a minimap to replace the one in AUI. I cant seem to find any that rotates when you look around the way a compass does. with the central cursor pointing north. Are there any other minimap addons out there that do this?
Ive tried Fyrakin's minimap but it only seem to rotate when the character itself is actively moving and thats not what im looking for.(unless i missed some settings somehow ^^;)
thanks a bunch
  • MissFortuna
    Soul Shriven
    pointing up, not pointing north (since the map rotates around the cursor), my bad
  • SlippyCheeze
    You specifically mean that you want a minimap that rotates with the camera, not the character, facing, right?

    I don't know of any. You might try asking Fyrakin if they would add it? They already do camera tracking, so it shouldn't be all that difficult to wire up, if I had to guess.
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