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I'm looking to put together a weekly event for a guild that I am in and am wondering what it takes to get through nDSA. I'm sure it's probably like normal group content; a face roll on normal and then pretty rough on Vet. I'm not expecting the group to be a squad of 750's, I'm 490 myself. I just want to ensure I'm not setting anyone up for failure or wasting time going in.

I'm watching a few videos but most seem to be quite out of date or concentrated on Vet mode.
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  • profundidob16_ESO
    nono you assume correct. Comparable to DLC content: a faceroll for any decent player that is used to DLC vet content
  • kylewwefan
    Normal is a faceroll, but still takes like 45 minutes to run the content.
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  • snegurd
    vDSA is easier than most of the new DLC hardmodes and nDSA should be very easy for any player over 300CP with moderate experience in dungeons. There is some coordination required between players (more than most normal dungeons) so I would recommend using voice chat, but running as an organized group is certainly not a waste of time.
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