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If I port forward suggested ports, will I see any improvement in connectivity?

    Connectivity is better, but this is from a PC EU perspective, not sure how it would work for a console, but dare say the online experience will be better.
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  • Stinkyremy
    SHADOW2KK wrote: »
    Connectivity is better, but this is from a PC EU perspective, not sure how it would work for a console, but dare say the online experience will be better.

    Sorry that is just a generic answer.

    I know "connectivity will be better"
    I should have elaborated more. I know what port forwarding is, and have never done it because opening ports on your router is dangerous for our internet security. Now I have a router than can do IPv6 pinholes (port triggering) so I could do this for ESO.
    just I want to know what improvements will I actually see, will there be reduced loading times, will I stop seeing black silhouette players running around while the game is trying to load the crap loads of crate cosmetics and gear. Will the last boss in VSO no longer run at 5fps?

    I am on the PS4 but port forwarding should work the same for PC and console when sending/recieving data to and from ZOS servers.
  • Demil
    Soul Shriven
    If you have UPNP enabled on your router, opening ports for the game is not required.
    The issue with the game is actually the servers, they need to upgrade them to improve the quality.
  • Great_M
    Port forwarding did nothing for me, every other game runs great. It gets worse with every patch too, one thing I know fore sure that this issue cannot be fixed just by port forwarding.
  • Great_M
    Port forwarding didn’t do anything, other games work great on the same connection. At this point it’s all downhill
  • Morgul667
    Port forwarding didn't change a thing for me
    Other games are fine onky TESO has so many issues
  • HigH_HawK85
    Port forwarding will not change the connection speed, because there are only two states a port can have "port is open (traffic allowed) | port is closed (traffic not allowed)". Depending on the state, you either can access the requested service, or you cannot.

    As @Demil said, if your router supports UPnP (which most nowadays do), the router opens ports automatically if requested by the client/software/game. This could be a security issue with some programs/games, if they are not properly programmed or specifically programmed to hurt someone.

    Some routers allow you to configure the UPnP feature to only work on certain connected clients. I configured my router so that UPnP is only allowed on my PS4, every other client requires a manual port opening. This way I make sure that none of my PCs / Laptops open up ports randomly allowing free access to the devices.

    Does this take some time? Yes, it takes some time and should be maintained/checked regularly, to make sure that only required ports are open, if you want to keep your network secure. But that is totally up to you to decide.
    Edited by HigH_HawK85 on September 12, 2018 1:52PM
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