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(NA)(PS4) Recruiting for merchant & mercs

As A Dedicated leader of my humble guild, I come to you all as a trader, craftier, in game help, ect. The point is my goal is to help other players and have some fun with the elder scrolls online.

What we are:
Trading is why I came to this game in the first place, however we are more than just a trading guild. We provide good traders every other week, (When we win) and on off weeks we have events to attempt to help new players get there bearings. Raffles are available during the off week as well, good chance to win some rare items as well as the 50/50 raffle gold prizes. if you need help with anything most of the time I will do my best to assist you! our officers are there for when i cant be, that will help with just about anything. I craft, help with trading items, will help you make gold, ect. 100% donation based

Info and what we excpet:
We do not charge anything for you to be apart of our guild.
I do not give bank privileges. (Trusted officers only)
we expect you to be active
help recruit to earn higher privilege
be respectful to everyone
participate in events

If you have any questions please message Next_Mr_Big on PSN. or for an invite. please understand I will get back to you as soon as i can.

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