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[Addon Request] Unlimited Chat Message


Ever since I switched to ESO from another MMO There's a type of addon I've been missing dearly. I've looked far and wide without any success but if there such an addon exists already then please do point me that way!

Purpose of the addon:
You can type however much you wish and if you typed a lot then by the time you click enter it'll simply be released in multiple paragraphs.
  • Baertram
    This won't be possible as the chat input is limited without any possibility to change this.
    One would need to "overlay" the chat inut box with a custom box which would be a rebuild of the original one, and thus needs to be updated each time it get's updated ingame by ZOs + other addons which hook into their.

    Most likely too much effort. Just start to type and if you hit the maximum length press return key and go on typing?O
    This is also a flood protection as you could post like 100 messages after another into the chat if you are up to it. The glikely will kick you then for flooding too.
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