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Will the dungeon finder ever work?

Ok so i lift all pledges from the undaunted, select all the dungeons i need to do in the activity finder and queue, then i wait and wait to no avail. Is the activity finder really that broken? Is nobody else queuing at all? Like seriously it gets to the point where i forget im even searching for a dungeon and i get sidetracked and start doing other things. Am i doing something wrong? Its the same for both vet and normal. I would be lucky to maybe get 1-2 dungeons a WEEK
  • Sleepersword
    Your DD right? There are just too many DDs and not enough tanks & heals to group them up. Try to queue as a tank, you'll get place after 2min max
  • redspecter23
    Queue for the 2 normal non dlc pledges. Set your role as tank and put a taunt on your bar. Instant group. You can do this without slotting taunt or including DLC pledges as well, but some might frown on that. If you're looking to do vet pledges efficiently, it may be best to invest in a guild or friends that are capable. Vet DLC especially can be too much for group finder pugs.
    Bal-Busters - PC/NA
  • MehrunesFlagon
    What they need to do is remove the ready check at the very least.I should be able to at least take a *** without worrying about missing the damn queue.
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