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New suggestion for ESO+

Remove the requirement for ESO+ subscribers (all platforms) from having to, create and link a Twitch account to their ESO account (PC MAC users), and increase the allotted time in which console ESO+ subscribers can log in to receive their rewards.

It would work something like the following.

If you are an ESO+ subscriber (any platform) you are simply required to log in to your ESO+ account within 12-24 hours (after) the targeted "live stream" was broadcast.

This is for official Zenimax twitch streams only and does not apply to the rewards one may get from watching other ESO twitch channels.

For instance:

ZOS does a live twitch stream and is giving away 5 crown crates and a pet.
PC/MAC users must link their Twitch account with their ESO account and watch the stream live.
Console users must log in and kill at least one monster during the hour after the live stream.

Non ESO+ Subscribers must meet the criteria above.

Suggestion portion

ESO+ Subscribers (any platform) simply log in and kill any mob within 12-24 hours after the "official" live stream to receive their 5 crown crates and pet.

If during an official live stream it is only a "chance" at a crown crate dropping every 30 minutes during the stream then for ES0+ members it is also only a "chance" of a crown crate dropping every 30 minutes of play during that 12-24 hour window.

Again this does not include the crown crates one may receive for watching random Twitch streamers but only official ZOS hosted streams where rewards are given away.


It is pretty bogus that ZOS cannot standardize these giveaway events between platforms, and by selecting an outside agency in which to stream their broadcasts only serves to further agitate the situation.

I understand that the benefits to ZOS are they get the word out about their game to a larger audience by using twitch, however, locking away free goodies behind it is simply ridiculous especially when you have customers who subscribe and can't or really do not desire to sign up with those agencies.

The point is that as paying subscribers ESO+ members should not be required to go anywhere else other than the official website or outside the game to gain these bonus rewards. Want us to watch the video? Post it on your own website and require us to log in with our account before watching it if we want those goodies, however, signing up with another company or agency so they can have free access to our e-mail and metadata is not something I enjoy and makes me wonder what the point is in subscribing.

At any rate, the inability of console players to get access to these rewards was complete trash and ZOS did do something to fix that. While I don't think it was fixed as well as it should be they did implement some form of a temporary workaround. I applaud them for that.

Now its time they at least gave ESO+ members the option to actually play the game for an hour after the stream (like all console players) rather than limit us to creating twitch accounts and linking them to ESO.
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