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Linchal Grand Manor, Grand Topal Hideaway, and Tel Galen Tower

Since ZOS is showing us with Pariah's Pinnacle that they are not adverse to bringing back limited time houses, I'd like to state for the record that it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED if these other, older limited time houses could come back around at some point. Not asking for deep discount sales or wild extras, just cycle through once in a while like the lux vendor.

Thanks :)
  • Jayne_Doe
    I agree, and even noted in a few threads on this topic that the recent offer of Pariah's Pinnacle could indicate a trend. Here's hoping (though it's hope for others, since I already have the only LT house I've ever wanted - Tel Galen).
  • Rebirthment
    Will most likely come back at some point. Linchal grand manor probably around September (the time it was last sold).

    Grand Topal Hideaway could be released around the time shortly before or after Murkmire, possibly because its themed around that.

    No idea on Tel Galen though, but somewhere in the 4th quarter this year?

    These are my estimates though, so I can't be entirely sure.
  • Brigda
    Here's hoping they hear us trying to give them more money :D
  • Dystopia2020
    I have always wanted Tel Galen, I have regretted not buying it. I would really LOVE to see it return.
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  • Algorax
    Well, they should! I can speak only for what i have: Linchal Grand Manor.

    Belive me when i say that it worths every crown.
    It is spectacular, breathtakling view, specially if you are an imperial lover like i am, disappointed with the other imperial homes.
    And it is huge, the 700 ESO+ deco cap is not enough (i estimate that a 50% increased capacity would be ideal).
    It rivals the faction palaces in magnitude, surpassing them in style!
  • Chaos2088
    Well after a while they are going to have a number of these homes around aren't they as the years go on, so in the future they might just have a random period where you can buy it again, if there is a quiet crown store period.

    I do wish the price of them was put down though. Would buy them then if they were cheaper.
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