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Harry Potter RP'ing in ESO

Hi everyone. So I've never posted in this section before but I thought my question(s) would be better posted here than in General.

Has anyone attempted a Harry Potter character play through?

1st question: I was wondering the best way to make a costume for a Death Eater but it didn't turn out quite well. I did the Necromancer's mask from one of the Dragon Bones dungeons for entering it, and combining it with the Sixth House robes from the public dungeon in Vvardenfell. And then dyeing them all black/silver. Sorta works but meh.

2nd question: Has anyone tried to make their house Hogwarts themed or such? I know there probably aren't many houses that could be possible fits, and befitting decorations might not really exist/are plentiful. I'm thinking an Orc house might be close to what Hogwarts is like. I think some of the Alinor pieces could work well too!

So yeah, those are my questions. I would really really like any kind of answers to my 2nd question especially because I don't have a house yet and I want to get one, but I want to make the right decision! :D
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    • Nayawin14
      Has anyone attempted a Harry Potter character play through?

      Interesting! I'll try to have a look at some outfit and castles and tell you if I found something convincing from my side!

      For myself, I have the great topal hideaway so it's not of many help in that regards ahah... but still, I am fan of J.K.Rowling's incredible work and some of my character names were directly inspired from the HP books (Ariana and Demelsa). So I didn't customed some HarryPotter themed castles (would be hard work...), but still I wondered in which Houses every of my characters would have been sent hehe :p

      ps: On PC EU I've seen a lot of people naming their characters from the HP saga, so I guess some would come here with better answers than mine!

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