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(PS4, NA) merchant's and merc's Recruitment Trading/PVE Guild

Thank you for taking the time to view our tread, My guild is based on helping players, not by exploiting them. we are 100% donation based. However we sustain a trader by weekly.

We hold multiple events threw out the week. skyshard/lore book farming, dungeon's, xp grinding, world boss farming, ect. and on top of that we aslo hold a raffle every off week to provide members a chance to win rewards and tons of gold.

All of my officers put forth there time to help you including myself. i try to help with as much as possible for members who are trying to get there bearings.

We are looking for members that want to be apart of more than a trading guild and will follow some simple rules. before your invite into the guild they will be explained.

Message Next_Mr_Big for an invite to a party, we will explain everything in game and invite you if you are still interested.
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