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wishlist: save addon SavedVariables more frequently!

ZOS, I'm sure you hear this a lot, but ... please, it would be wonderful to be able to more rely on the data in addons without having to routinely run /reloadui to force it to commit to disk.

Even just on zone change or something would be fine, since it would limit potential data loss much more significantly, but the best thing in the world would be to add an API to allow an addon to request a save-to-disk when their data was in a consistent state. Even a rate limited version (eg: can only call every 10 seconds, or minute, or whatever) would be be a big step up.

The API version would also ensure that the addon could reasonably ensure that everything was in a consistent state before the save happened, mitigating the risk of automatic saves. It'd also let addons implement their own "rate limit less important changes" to avoid hitting the saved var system too hard.

My specific annoyance is that I was using an in-game notebook addon as a ... travel journal, I guess. Keep a record of what I have done, make notes about people over the quests, that sort of thing. Losing those is a huge annoyance, and really sucks. I could keep it out of game, but the integration makes it feel like a core part of the system, and that is rather nice.

Other things, though, like HarvestMap which I use to remember the location of harvesting nodes I have previously found, would also benefit. Losing that data is much less significant, but still somewhat annoying.

This is so painful, in fact, that libSaveToDisk exists to allow addons to prompt users to reload the UI in order to ensure that things are safe. The author of it has a crafting order tracking addon, so I can see why they wouldn't want to risk data loss there.

The only potential for abuse that I can think of would be tools that work with external services, such as the Tamriel Trade Center being able to publish their data more frequently, but given the existence of /reloadui to force a save right now,

@ZOS_GinaBruno, please, pass this on to the developers. This was an annoyance over in WoW addon world, and it is just as painful here. I'd really like to be able to rely on the addon keeping my notes just working.
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