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The Covenant of Auri-El

Soul Shriven
Hello and greetings. I am very excited to start a discussion about my guild I created around the Aldmeri chief deity. My character is a Altmer mage/healer who is very articulate and organized with his guild. He is an Arch-Priest in the order.
The guild is on the European Server on X-Box1. So far the guild has around 80 members and is about a month and a half old. I am focused on creating a guild that is centered on helping other people, creating opportunities, and growing to become one of the largest guilds in game.
If you are inspired by helping and recruiting others to perform good deeds and charity through the chats in ESO xbox one, please join us. Let me know in the discussion page so I can find you next time you are on ESO!

  • Errandil_Di
    Soul Shriven
    I forgot to mention the guild type is social/trading because we do sell/buy from each other and have a guild trader. Some guild members are involved in the war, so those with allegiance to the Dominion are encouraged to join. But despite, we aid all when not on the battlefield. My Xbox tag is Klarion B.
    Edited by Errandil_Di on August 5, 2018 6:53AM
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