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Weekly Market Update: Mayhem, Orsinium, and Wolfhunter Impacts

State of the in-game economy of ESO as well as how current and upcoming changes will impact it:

Midyear Mayhem will continue to make AP, cold fire ballistae, and Akaviri/AD/DC/EP motifs more available, and the gold rings this coming weekend will be big sellers. Still up in the air as to whether they'll be overbought though--don't put all your eggs in one Ravager basket!

The Orsinium Celebration should lead to cheaper prices for Trinimac, Malacath, and Ancient Orc motifs.

Tons of jewelry crafting changes coming with Wolfhunter. Looking forward to crafting tons of Alinor furnishings!

Hopefully this guide helps people figure out what's valuable and the relative value of items, whether on PC or console. :)
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