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Cannot connect to EU server after crashing in cyrodill

What the title says. My entire group crashed and not a single one out of the 8 of us can get back in, we have all reset our xbox, restarted the game, connected to the NA server, and yet we all still get the timed out error.
  • FlyingDutch92
    Well you aren't the only one. I can get into the NA server just fine, but the EU server seems to be down, once again.
    I think we can also conclude it is not our console nor router/modem that is causing the issue, but they will probably suggest to reset those either way, as if we haven't already done so.
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  • ZOS_Bill
    As there are currently multiple threads discussing the login issues players have been experiencing, we are going to close this thread. You can continue discussion in this thread.
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