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Society of Scholars: A Social Guild for TES Lore Fans + Helping people do dungeon quests for story

  • DwellsInNorthwest
    We're PC/NA guild
  • BadWolf66
    Soul Shriven
    if you are still taking on new members and do not not have a level min (lvl 24 returning player after a multi year absence), I would appreciate an invite @BadWolf66 , older Gent, Ha!, at this point I do everything slow!!, in game is Scarlea Badwolf, Thank you.
  • DwellsInNorthwest
    Invite sent, welcome aboard
  • Andrea050290
    Soul Shriven
    Can I get a guild invite please? It’s @onatalun
  • CowNRB
    I would love to join! i had the same idea but my guild didn't work out lol oops forgot to put my @name its @King1Cow
    Edited by CowNRB on February 8, 2019 2:23AM
  • DwellsInNorthwest
    Invites sent, welcome!
  • HaveToBeRealistic
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I'm recently back in the game and dungeon "speed runs" is one of the reasons I almost never do dungeons, so this guild looks right up my alley. I always get left behind and then whoever I am random grouped with gets irritated - SO not worth the trouble. I'm currently working my way through Wrothgar, planning to move to Morrowind next. I have played practically no PvP, but might be interested in doing some of that, mostly just to see the zone.

    Sure would appreciate an invite if you are still recruiting. @HaveToBeRealistic.

    My main toon in game is Lorinuil - Bosmer Nightblade (hunter/bow), level 50 provisioner and clothier, almost level 50 woodworker, champion level 200ish.

    In real life, I'm a no drama old guy Dad, almost empty nester. As far as games go, I tend to bounce around MMOs until something shiny pulls me from one game to the next. So I've played a fair number of games extensively, but rarely make it to endgame stuff - LOTRO (my first love), WoW, ESO, Neverwinter, Black Desert, Eve, Elite Dangerous, Guild Wars 2, Age of Conan, SWTOR - I'm sure I've missed a few. Anyway feels like I'm back in ESO again for a while, so would love to see the parts I've missed along the way.

    Thanks for your consideration!!
  • DwellsInNorthwest
    invite sent, welcome!
  • Oakenaxe
    Soul Shriven
    What an excellent idea! I'd like to join you too :)

    It's @Oakenaxe
    Edited by Oakenaxe on February 15, 2019 6:38PM
  • DwellsInNorthwest
    I'll invite you when I log on this evening 😀
  • Dynier
    This sounds like the kinda guild I've been wishing for! Toss @Dynier an invite if you please.
  • DwellsInNorthwest
    invites sent, welcome!
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