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Anyone experiencing this flickering issue - Summerset.

This issue is not restricted to just Craglorn, It has been happening in Wrothgar and ColdHarbour. Even turning graphical settings down /off. reloading UI. Nothing seems to have any affect.

Anyone else have similar since Summerset dropped?
Go to Link to see this better.LINK


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  • UnseenCat
    Yes, saw it in northern Cyrodiil last night on PC NA.

    Textures flash in and out, looks visually a lot like what you get with dying VRAM/graphics card. But it's just bad behavior by the game.

    On the other hand, at least I haven't seen walls, objects, and the entire landscape just up and vanish lately.

    Graphics routines are still buggy; I tend to suspect it's been introduced with increased multithreading in the game.
  • BrokenGameMechanics
    Def been getting it as well. For me seems to be either limited to or especially blatant in Craiglorn. Thought my XBox was dying at first.
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