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ESO plus double charged this month


Can someone please assist me on this matter? I have been double charged this month. Not sure where to open a ticket etc.

Every time I try to log in to submit a ticket it says my password is wrong. I already changed and continue with the same issue. Please reimburse it asap.

Luiz Martins
  • Apache_Kid
    Zos is just going to tell you to contact xbox. You're wasting your time bothering ZoS for eso plus issues on xbox. They can't do anything or they never have for me. Call 1800-4-my-xbox and they will sort you out.
  • whitedragonlady
    Soul Shriven
    Having the same problem. Already contacted microsoft and they give an excuse that 1 is of june and other of july. That is not how eso plus works. I hope if microsoft don’t give the money back that i try asking for the right amount of crowns.
  • Elsonso
    Today is the 29th. While I am not saying that this is what is happening here, it is possible to be charged for ESO Plus twice in the same month. Take a close look to see if that is what is happening.
  • CatchMeTrolling
    They should have sent you a message saying you might get charged early this month. Check your XBOX messages not your messages,
  • whitedragonlady
    Soul Shriven
    Mine was at 18 and 19 july. I got an email that they changed to 19 july. Still microsoft charged me 2 times on the old and the new date.
  • Grega
    Yup same here. July 17 and July 22. I gave up and kept my sanity, 15$ is not worth it
  • AnonomissX
    Call Xbox if the double billing really is w/in days of each other. If they deny giving you your money back, that is what your credit card charge back function is for. They are ultimately JUST another merchant/vendor that has to abide by Visa/Mastercard/Amex/Discover rules and double charging for one service is at the top of the list of no-nos.
    Edited by AnonomissX on August 22, 2018 2:47PM
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