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Morrowind's Government

During the time period of Elder Scrolls Skyrim, what kind of government do the Dark Elves of Morrowind have? Do they have a king?
  • VaranisArano
    In the Dragonborn DLC, they talk about House Redoran leading the Grand Council in Blacklight.
  • darthmaul533ub17_ESO
    probably not. morrowind is just a big crater during skyrim.
  • MythicEmperor
    probably not. morrowind is just a big crater during skyrim.

    In the Dragonborn DLC, Neloth states that the Telvanni still have their holdings in Vvardenfell, indicating that they at least recovered or were not as badly assaulted as we thought.
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  • LMar
    probably not. morrowind is just a big crater during skyrim.

    Where Vicec City was there is a big crater and boiling water named the Scathing Bay but up north it's probably still land and stuff, just think of the ashlands in a magnified way
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  • Integral1900

    Between the volcano, the asteroid, a vast argonian invasion, the resulting genocide and the tribunal effectively imploding I think anything much beyond small house groupings is probably out of the question. Deffinately no centralised government, rather a power base in blacklight trying to manage a few scattered tribal groupings. Either way it’s going to take centuries or even millennia before the dark elves become a power again. Their numbers will have been vastly reduced, in the last skyrim dlc charecters talked about the dunmer facing extinction if not for house redoran
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  • Bruccius
    The Dunmer still use the Grand Council as their central government, which had been reinstated by King Hlaalu Helseth.

    We do not know if the King still rules, or even lives, but the Council does the ruling on behalf of the Great Houses.

    We also know that some of the cities on Vvardenfell are either rebuilt, or being rebuilt. Such as Balmora and Vivec.
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