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UK Player LF EU Xbox One Guild

Long time Elder Scrolls fan, from the UK, and experienced MMO player. Played on PC & PS4 previously. Since migrated to the Xbox One. Running a Bosmer Nightblade currently at level 21.

I am looking for a populated, social and active guild that has English speaking members. Having your own website and/or forum for communication and organisation is an advantage.

If you're recruiting then post your details below. Thanks.
XBL: Unreal Warfare
Xbox One - EU Server
Selket Shadowdancer - Bosmer Nightblade - Daggerfall Covenant
  • CeeJonesy
    Hey! Have a look at Asaro. We are mainly an EP guild however many of our members play multi-alliance. We are all mature players who like a little bit of banter from time to time. We have people from all over the place but we all speak English (however don't be shocked to hear a little bit of spanish, italian, romainian or german from time to time).
    Edited by CeeJonesy on July 29, 2018 10:14PM
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