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Cant weapon switch now.

I cant switch weapons at all reset modem and router so its not internet!! Really hard to do vma when your gear kepps switching and and i cant weapon swap!
  • Merlin13KAGL
    You using Dressing Room, by chance? Are you getting 'You can't do that in your current state' error or something similar?

    A couple fixes you can try: (don't ask, but they do work...)

    Manually swap your backbar weapon to front bar and back again.
    Do an /emote like /dance, /no, etc.

    It seems to snap the game out of it sometimes.
    Just because you don't like the way something is doesn't necessarily make it wrong...

    Earn it.

    IRL'ing for a while for assorted reasons, in forum, and in game.
    I am neither warm, nor fuzzy...
    Probably has checkbox on Customer Service profile that say High Aggro, 99% immunity to BS
  • ExcaliburESO
    Ok, m8 i had similar problem. but need to understand exactly if that did u become WW or Vampire recently? and when u cannot wpn swap does it say cannot weapon swap in current state?
  • morchand23
    No vamp or wolf just stopped working in vma
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