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[Request][ZOS] Ability icons for the ingame Scrolling Combat Text (SCT)

Dear @ZOS, can you please add an option to show ability/skill icons near damage numbers?
This would be awesome, really.

Note: there is NO addons that allow to show damage numbers near corresponding 3D-objects (like ingame SCT), not just in the one strict place at the screen.
Pretty sure, there is no public API functions for this either. I didn't found, at least.
Ingame SCT is fine but inability to know WHAT made this or that number makes me upset

/summon: @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_KaiSchober @ZOS_JessicaFolsom @ZOS_BillE @ZOS_GaryA :D
Edited by SilverWF on July 18, 2018 3:55PM
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