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LUI extended profiles

Soul Shriven
The LUI extended addon has the option to make different UI tweaks for your different characters through "enable character specific settings", however I don't seem to get it to work.After enabling the option and logging on my different characters, LUI extended records my different toons and all their names do pop up in the option menu to copy profiles to one antoher. Nevertheless, when I make changes to the position of unitframes on one character, the changes are still applied to all of my entire account.

Does the option character specific settings not work correctly or am I missing something? Any help is more than welcome!
  • ArtOfShred
    Quoted from my post on the LuiExtended comments:
    ArtOfShred wrote: »
    Hold on for me one second...
    *grabs wooden board*
    *smashes head through wooden board*
    Apparently I somehow managed to either revert the change or just entirely forgot to add a line that sets whether SavedVariables are character or account wide for unitframes.lua

    Sorry for the frustration and your wasted time - this was a pretty bad oversight on my part.

    I'll get this updated for Wolfhunter and drop an update then. For now if you like, I've updated the GitHub build which still works on live (haven't made any major changes reliant on the new API version yet).
    Edited by ArtOfShred on July 17, 2018 9:21PM
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