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Transfering my AddOn and normal game settings to my friends

Soul Shriven
Hello guys,

I've recruited 5 friends to play ESO with me, I'm in the game for longer, they're newbies. Today I introduced them to mods, but there is a problem - I want them to have the same game & AddOn settings as mine are (gameplay settings, interface, chat, all the vanilla settings + the way I set up my mods with certain preferences and window positions). My question is - can I somehow copy-paste some files, or import my current game settings to them so they can apply them easily? There's got to be a way to tweak settings faster than going 1 setting by 1 + explaining it to 5 of them... We're using Minion app by the way.
  • Karm1cOne
    Copy your add-on folder as well as your add-on settings file. Edit the add-on settings files and replace character or @ name with friends name. (Not all add-ons need this)
    Edited by Karm1cOne on July 11, 2018 11:21PM
  • Zamachi
    Soul Shriven
    C:\Users\(username)\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns

    Did you mean to copy the folders from this one, zip it and send it to friends?

    Also AddOnSettings file just contains the version and the setting for using outdated AddOns, are you sure this is the one? (or am I misunderstanding as to which addon setting file we're talking about here?)

    EDIT: Or maybe you meant SavedVariables folder which contain a .txt file for every AddOn which I suppose is the settings, these also contain my character name...
    Edited by Zamachi on July 12, 2018 11:58AM
  • fritzOSU03
    If you intend to copy over individual add-on settings and not just which ones you have activated, then you'll need to adjust the saved variables for each add-on. Most current add-ons should be using the character ID for any non-global settings because of the name change system. So, this means that you'll probably need to change the character ID somewhere in the file in addition to editing the @name at the top of the table for a given saved variables file. You'll probably get lots of nil pointer errors otherwise. Here's how to easily identify a character ID. Just paste this into the chat window and hit enter.
    /script d(GetCurrentCharacterId())
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  • Grizzly_UK
    It can be done but not quickly because you have to edit the .lua files within "..\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\SavedVariables" folder. Depending on which addons you have installed you may need to edit most, if not all, of the files to change User Name and character names. With 5 friends you want to copy your addon setting to that means you'll have to edit each file 5 times, once for each friend, replacing your User Name and character names with theirs. You'll also have to take care as to what data gets copied over to your friends as well, for example any addon that keeps track of what each of your characters knows (such as crafting recipes, traits, etc) will be different for each of your friends.

    It may just be easier and faster to go "1 setting by 1 + explaining it to 5 of them", maybe get all 5 friends together so you only have to do that once for all of them at the same time.
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  • calia1120
    Notepad++ or a LUA editor like Zerobrane Studio are super useful for things like this. Notepad++ has plugins that can be used for what's referred to as regex string search and replacement. Use that to search and clear data related to your characters, but keep anything set as a global default.
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  • GreenHere
    Short of editing files as posters above have mentioned, I've found streaming solutions to be the best way. I believe Discord can do what you need here. Get your friends tuned in to where they can see your screen, and just go through it all with them at the same time. A bit tedious, depending on the amount/complexity of your addon settings, but it sure beats doing it 5 times individually.

    Best of luck! Very cool that you're bringing friends into the fold, and going out of your way to help them have a good setup like you have. :)
    Edited by GreenHere on August 14, 2018 9:35PM
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