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Adiitional crafting station requested yes

Community Ambassador
As an extension to the outfit and dye station systems perhaps could we also have a posing station?

Able to select emotes and poses and the like.

The jewellery station does not a bad job yes but Khajiit feels a greater ability to stare adoringly at your own face yes while pulling all manner of expressions would be a natural evolution of the outfit system and much enjoyed.

You may even find you have a better business in emotes if they can be used in this way.

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Santie Claws

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  • Ragged_Claw
    A mirror would be awesome, so you could stand in front of it and pose and act out your favorite parts of the Investigator Vale novels. Embarassing if a friend walked in on you though...
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  • Ghanima_Atreides
    Would be nice! But not at a station. I would prefer a "pose mode" we could activate anywhere and rotate our character, pan the camera up and down, scroll in and out etc. while using emotes, for screenshotting purposes.
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