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Advanced Filters Problem

Soul Shriven
Advanced Filters causes me both LUI errors as well as outright removing any sort of menu, to the point where I can't even quit the game properly.
It only happens to my newer characters but never my older ones, and it isn't an addon conflict either, since my newest chars have less, but the same, addons ticked than my old char crafter does for example.
I'm not sure what the cause is and I have been trying to look for anyone in a similiar situation, of only which I found TheGr8David from yesterday.
I'd be happy to provide my addons list if needed but I'm pretty sure that's not the cause, as explained above.
  • Baertram
    If newer or older chars make the difference it can only be related to addons used in combination with AF.
    AF is not storing any character data in the saved vars. It's not storing anything at all.
    It's just showing oyu the inventory filters.

    So if this happens to some but not al lcahracters:
    Please disable all addons except AF and test if you are able to reproduce the error:
    If yes: Please write into the addon comments and describe how to rebuild this error.
    Many thanks!

    If not:
    Try other addons in combination and find out which ones is causing the problems.

    I've tested several known addons in combination myself and never got these problems so far.
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