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Xbox one achievement not unlocking


I have completed Emperor! Achievement - in game everything appears to be functional around that, however the Xbox achievement for Emperor! Never arrived. Even on Xbox live online that achievement never showed up. ZOS keeps saying it’s xbox issue and xbox support keeps saying the game never send over completion notice. I have done everything suggested so far, even factory reset of console. I have even completed another achievement to see if it’s syncing issues and the other one did post, so I’m not sure why it keeps not working. I spend days not sleeping to achieve that and I’m not planing to do it again because of someone’s error. Also, cyrodiil froze on me and hundreds others the last 5 min of us getting EMP so I actually became EMP while frozen, if that could have anything to do with me not getting Achievement. This needs to get fixed !

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  • ZOS_Bill

    Our support team has sent you an update in ticket#180704-000156.
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  • Grega

    Hi! Thanks! I have been trying to solve this with Xbox support team. Their escalations team says the achivement trigger happens when you get crowned emperor and Xbox records the clip. For me, that never happened (since eso crashed for like 20min due to cyrodiil problems), so I never got clip recorded. I asked them that that doesn’t seem right as I know many get crowned while offline (hence do all of them also not get the achievement then ?!), but their response back was that i’d Just need to do it again and hope to be online. Is there any other solution? (I really don’t want to do it again
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