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[Art of the Deal & Art of the Trade] Active trading guilds recruiting now! [High Traffic/Helpful]

AOTD is a trading guild that is located in Craglorn! We're a growing guild, but becoming more focused on trading as we grow! We usually have over 450 helpful members! Our only requirements are to sell 150k each week, or to buy 5k in raffle tickets! We have two different raffles, which gives you plenty of chances to win prizes every week!

We also have a sister guild, Art of the Trade. This is for more casual traders or for people who are just beginning to trade. This guild has no mins or requirements, just a 14-day inactivity policy! We're located in Windhelm!

If you'd like to join one of the guilds, just send @NotKacie or @NotEdwin a mail in-game, or comment here with your username and the guild you'd like to join! If you'd like to receive more information, please visit our site and view our FAQ at We hope to have you in our guild!
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  • Paramuse11
    Soul Shriven
    Hello! I'm looking to join Art of the Trade.

    My username is @Paramuse. :)

    Le me know, thanks!

  • Dyynamic70
    I would like an invite:


  • Cyngar
    @NotKacie @NotEdwin i would like to join Art of the Trade in game name is @dynatos

  • dovakin1993
    Soul Shriven
    Add me if u guys are not full already
    Username @Dovakin1993
  • Alex_Starwind
    Soul Shriven
    Can I get invite to Art of the Trade, please? In game name @AlexStarwind . Thanks :)
  • RingobloodtheOld
    I am a High Elf, Templar, who is sole purpose in TAMRIEL is to craft and trade, I am a former crafting officer in LOTRO for the guild S3G and former recruitment officer for the Sinister Swarm in GW2. I would love to become part of this trading guild and put my talents to work. I live in the USA and current am on disability for a seizure disorder so my time on the computer is much so the requirements for the guild are not heavy at all for me to maintain. I would like an invite plz to Art of the Trade to start off then as I build my toon switch over.. (@RingobloodtheOld)
    Josh (Holyringoblood)
    Edited by RingobloodtheOld on July 4, 2018 12:30AM
    Server: NA/PC
    Holyringoblood (Altmer) Templer
    Torgrimmer (Breton) Templer
    Ringoblood (Nord) Dragonknight
    Ringobloodtheold (Dummer) Nightblade
  • cwells74ub17_ESO
    I would take an invite for "Art of the Trade"

  • NotKacie
    Only 7 spots left in AOTD! Sales are high this week, so make sure to get your spot before it's full!
  • NotKacie
    AOTD is now full! If you'd like to be put on a wait list, just leave a comment! Still plenty of spots in Art of the Trade, which has no dues!
  • hahattan
    Soul Shriven
    Hey I want to join Art of the Trade first
    also I want to be in the wait list of AOTD if possible


    Edited by hahattan on July 7, 2018 4:39AM
  • MainMercy
    Soul Shriven
    Looking for trader guild.
    Can i get invite,please?

  • NotKacie
    Both our guilds now have open spots! We also have both guilds in Windhelm again this week!
  • Lord_Chonus
    I’d like to join @Banjoben12
  • oura1
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I’d be interested in starting trading at Art of the Trade

  • NotKacie
    We moved to Wayrest this week! We have plenty of spots open in both guilds now after kicking inactives and people who didn't pay dues! Our dues in AOTD increased, so make sure to check out our website for more info! Put a comment on this post for an invite to the guild!
  • ShadowsGothicAngel
    oh sign me up! @shadowsgothicangel :-)
  • coop500
    Could I have a invite to Art of the Trade? @coop500
    Toon list:
    PC NA:
    Chip Ahoy: Magicka Templar khajiit WW healer and crafter of metals, clothes, leather and wood
    Rose Scale: Magicka Nightblade argonian WW DPS and 'evil' toon (steals stuff from barrels)
    Snip Ahoy: Stamina Dragonknight khajiit WW tank
    Walks-Through-Corn: Magicka Templar argonian Vampire tank and also cooks food
    Snowy Kitten: Magicka Sorcerer khajiit WW healer and also makes glyphs
    Valerie Ahoy: Stamina Nightblade khajiit WW DPS/tank
    Mixes-With-Mud: Stamina Warden khajiit WW DPS and also mixes potions
    Tyrenan: Magicka Warden khajiit healer
    Always-Brings-Light: Magicka Dragonknight argonian WW DPS
    Howls-At-Moons: Stamina Warden argonian WW healer
    Giggles-At-Everything: Stamina Sorc argonian WW DPS
    Hugger-Of-Griffons: Stamina DK argonian WW poison focused DPS and ring/necklace crafter.

    Wishlist from ZOS: Chestnut Unicorn mount and the Lilmothiit race, would definitely pay 10K crowns or even 20K crowns for it.

  • Kayden2667
    Soul Shriven
    Can i please get an invite to Art of the trade. @Kayden2667
  • Spaceisdark
    Soul Shriven
    Can I please also get an invite to Art of the Trade? @Spaceisdark

  • ThoraldGM
    You are in the stall next to my tavern (The Stewed Horker, aka Grymharth's Woe). I was wondering how to join, and here you are! Art of the Trade plz... @ThoraldGM or just check the AotT buyer log ^_^
  • NotKacie
    AOTD is in Craglorn this week! Plenty of spots open, don't miss your chance to join this awesome guild!
  • NotKacie
    AOTD is still in Craglorn! Plenty of spots open, so make sure to join! AOTT is still in Windhelm, and looking for new members!
  • NotKacie
    AOTD is in Craglorn again! Make sure to comment here if you'd like an invite! AOTT has some spots open, and they're in Windhelm again!
  • kirelons
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I would like to join AOTT.
    Thank you!
    Edited by kirelons on August 18, 2018 10:52AM
  • pigeonboyZ
    Soul Shriven
    Hey, I'm new to the game. This would be my first guild. My Userid is @pigeonboyZ. Still trying to learn the ropes so the Art of the Trade seems the best fit for me. Thanks
  • NotKacie
    AOTD is still in Craglorn! We're looking for active sellers to help us fill our roster! AOTT is in Windhelm, and has some spots open for anyone looking to learn to trade!
  • Mawx
    Soul Shriven
    Hi! Returning player would like an invite to your trading guild. @Mawx
    Lord Mawx (High Elf Magplar) | Daggerfall Covenant | PC NA
  • Hearts_Wake
    Hey! i found it! I was in the guild for a short while a few months ago, I had left because i wasnt going to be playing much. Anyways im active now and was wondering is there was room in AotD? @ WakeQQ in game. Thanks :smile:
  • tyrion020
    Hey! I would like to join @tyrion020
  • NotKacie
    All invites have been sent out! Still plenty of spots open in both guilds, make sure to comment below if you're interested in joining!
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