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['Art'] Gordjun's Shi-- ahm. Chars, Things.

I am not that skilled in drawing per say and have limited time window to draw... and limited attention spam. Though it pains me, it is what it is. But am learnin :smile:
Alright so this the first drawin I did of Gordjun in proper setting (Further just Gor):

This is a later one but in totally different style, I jump styles quite the bit to be honest. Thought that takin a comic-like route could be fun

In continuance with the comic-like style I did this one as well. Took much longer to do tho. And am a horrible writer, so dialogue aint me forte xD

And this is one from some way back, the very first drawin of Gor, but it was done as a sort of... later era version of semi modern era Tamriel concept. Me firts... and last try at 'concepts'. Used some photo-bashing here and there... well i was told its photo bashin anyways :smiley:

Tattoooos tho... damn those tattoos are bautiful in game right? i love em... but drawing em? Absolute nightmare...
*pokes around* Any feedback? T would be appreciated :smiley:
Edited by JohnOfMarkarth on August 21, 2018 12:43PM
  • Selthia
    Nice work! I really like the design for the head, hair and piercing blue eyes you have there.

    As for the tattoos, you might be able to take a shortcut on them: you can draw them out as if they were laid out flat on paper on one layer (if you're on Photoshop), drawing them bigger than you think you will need. Then copy this onto your drawings and start warping it to the shape of your character's arms, etc. (Edit>Transform>Warp or Distort).
    Edited by Selthia on July 3, 2018 4:17AM
  • JohnOfMarkarth
    Oy... thanks mate. Thats a very good idea. Will do it next time i do tattos thank ye :smile:
  • JohnOfMarkarth
    _My reachman lad Duach:

    And Gordjun as an older man:
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