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Simple Build Question

I am wondering what would be a good build to create.

I want a build which can solo PvE and also solo in PvP and hold my own. I prefer soloing as people can not be depended on at times.

FYI, I have Imperial race unlocked as well but I am flexible about the race in that respect.

I want to be able to tank when needed, but also DPS as well. I am so confused with the demographics of the game, I think that a simple build would be better until I learn more. I am willing to start a new character to achieve this. I am not much for magic. I am not playing Harry Potter after all.

I have been looking at DK Stam build (2h & bow) or NB Stam build (dual wield). I have tried both but I screwed them up and had to delete them to start over. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated. The guides I have read about these 2 builds do not explain how to put points, what type of equipment I should use in the beginning of the game, or what skills I should concentrate on. Most of the guides are designed for people who know more about the game, where as I am a total noob.

So can anyone help this noob with this?
  • Biro123
    You don't really need to worry about builds until you're levelled up. Just decide whether to focus on stamina or magicka and choose gear and skill-morphs that go with it.
    You also don't have to restart if you mess it up, you can always re-spec.
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  • NBrookus
    Don't worry about the "right" things until you get to tougher content and a personal playstyle emerges. Level every skill appropriate matching weapon to stam or magicka. Skills and sets change frequently, and some are better for a particular role or pve/pvp.

    If you want to play a stam DK, you don't need a slick build for overland content and leveling. Level appropriate food will be a big help at first. When you are ready to start dungeons, if you are going as a tank you'll want some crafted tank sets that you wear while tanking, but different dps gear for questing because trying to tank through mobs is tedious.

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  • HackTheMinotaur
    Here is my opinion after having played every class in the game:

    New players will have a difficult time on any class/build that lacks good healing and stamina nightblade and stamina dragonknight have really poor healing overall.

    If you are just starting out, focus on a class that has passive healing. Best exampile of this is magicka Templar: puncturing sweeps. You can solo 1-50 with just this one skill because it does area damage while also healing you.

    If you are dead set on a stamina build then I would recommend stamina sorcerer. They get great passive healing from critical surge plus hurricane. You don’t get these skills until much later though, so it will be harder. Until then you can get some healing with the dual wield skills: blood craze and blood thirst as well as the bow skill draining shot.
  • Tasear
    In regards to demographics awhile back there was this massive poll that put 35+ as average age of players. ESO is more casual friendly for people. I would start slow and explore ascepts of game. Don't over helm yourself.
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