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Best race appropriate mounts and why

  • Cundu_Ertur
    Elk - Altmer, Bosmer
    You can't race a creature with a 2 meter wide wingspan on their head through a forest. Well at least not without breaking their neck, and possibly your own. Elks and deers with large antlers are not forest creatures, they always live on the plains or on the forest edge, using the trees at the edge for cover and camouflage. Seeing a bosmer on one of them always makes me laugh, I don't think they really thought that through. The obvious creature to race through a forest on are the senches, however I think the canonical mount for a bosmer would really be a tree branch. :D

    Altmers look great on the elk though, cause LotR:

    Thranduil was Sindarin, not an Altmer.

    I agree with soulfourger, Dawnwood Indrik is a good choice for a Bosmer (if we ever see that race in this game). Of course one could hope that if (or when, if you are optimistic) Bosmer are ever made a playable race that their uncanny ability to work with animals is reflected as a racial passive along with their uncanny stealth and uncanny ability to use bows; which would make any available mount suitable for a Bosmer.
    Taking stealth away from the Bosmer is like taking magic away from the Altmer, making Nords allergic to mead, or making Orcs pretty.
  • InaMoonlight
    Khajiit + wolf mounts always makes me cackle :D

    Personally prefer senche or guar mounts for my khajiit, at current, I have a Snowleopard pack, snowleopard char, Snowleopard pet, Snowleopard sabre cat mount <3 Heeere comes kittehs! Like the guarmount for their lovely animations and the smoother ride ;)
    Edit = Typos ... as usual. <;D
  • ghastley
    The Bretons have a lion affinity that might have made them specifically select those for domestication. Whether they were first or not is another matter.

  • Iccotak
    I would like to see more herbivorous mounts like the Echatere, smaller Mammoths, and (please) Bristleback Boars

    Perhaps a Black Marsh chapter could introduce some mounts that looks more like a dinosuar - they exist in lore - besides the Guar and Kagouti.

    Maybe ZOS could expand on insect/arachnid mounts with the Falmer Chaurus creatures or the large Frostbite spiders from Skyrim

    Edited by Iccotak on January 11, 2020 11:06PM
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