Potion switch

I am planning to use an ultigen/sustain build with infused jewerly, clever alchemist, argonian stamblade (it’s soooo unfair on the paper, so much sinergy).
Problem is: to get the best from this build you need sto switch potion every time in order to get 2 major buffs (i was thinking about major expedition and major savagery with duble immovability). Its pretty hard to switch potion every 20 Seconds even with the AUI quickslots. So, there is a way to switch to the next potion with a single button? (Es: press q, them press x to get next potion). In this way i can quickslot just 2 potions and use them in a reliable way.
  • Baertram
    Use the addon Greymind Qucikslot Bar. You are able to bind keybindings for each quickslot in order to use F1 e.g. for potion 1 and F2 for potion 2.

    BUT you need to manually press the quickslot use key afterwards as the game does not allow to use items from addons.
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