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Skills randomly not working

Since the Summerset update, I have had problems with skills sometimes not working. It seems that the skill animation starts, but never finishes nor does the effect apply.

Sometimes it is a specific skill that does no longer work, sometimes multiple. Sometimes it helps to switch bars, but not always. Sometimes you need to sheath your weapons and active them again to get the skills working, but even that doesn’t alway help. I also noticed once that the only solution was to mount and dismount to get it to work again. I’ve noticed it most with my Nightblade’s dual weapons skills, but also a couple time with my Sorcerer’s skills and today with the Rapid Maneuver skill for my sorcerer.

This is very annoying, especially when it happens during combat in dungeons and my teammates. I had hoped that ZOS would fix this in last week’s update, but it still occurs. Anyone else having this issue?

BTW I am on PS4 EU server.
Edited by msetten on June 23, 2018 4:38PM
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