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(PS4) (NA) oOThaiMagine Oo PVE Trials&Dungeons south east asia recruiting new member

Soul Shriven
We're just a small guild and a guild of peoples who enjoy PVE greatly. We want to build a strong , fun guild community , and just have a good time playing together , doing what we love in the game. The goal of oO ThaiMagine Oo is to provide PVE trials progression and help each other along the way. if you had an issues languages communicate don't worry just come join us and having fun play the game.

Guild events :we will be hosted at least once a weeks with more being announced based of scheduling and availability or every mounts for the big prize rewards ( items in game , crown store etc )

Trials&Dungeons : we do all the trials&dungeons every TRIALS Norm/Vet even you low CP or inexperienced we accept all types of players to join and we help each other to make it through.

Guild Trader : we still working on it as membership is growing.

Discord Channel: we will add later when enough membership is growing.

Guild Rules: Easy and Simple be mature and be respectful.

invitation: PM PSN ; llPoTaToMaTo , hangpit , oooKANONooo or leave your PSN here.

This game is a lot more fun when playing with others so come join us ...
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