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Loth'na Caverns STILL broken

Soul Shriven
I've had this issue for over a year now and have hoped for a fix with every update to no avail.

I have completed Loth'na caverns and have the corresponding achievement. The Upper Craglorn Cave Delver achievement does not recognize the completion and therefore will not unlock. I've retried the location multiple times over the past year with no success.

I contacted support and was advised to leave "feedback" which I did, but to my knowledge that was done over a year ago too and the issue is still there. How does one go about getting these things actually fixed?

If it cannot or will not be fixed could someone please let me know so I can cancel my subscription and just forget about it all together.

Thank you.
  • irstarkey57
    Same issue with me. I have even posted screen shots showing the achievement bug. Zos got back to me and said they tried it and were able to get it. This worries me because they think we are doing something wrong and have probably forgotten about it. Again, I POSTED SCREEN SHOTS of the bug. It has been nearly 3 years now guys. 3 years.
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