Console players NEED a "Master Merchant-like" quality of life update or add-on support

ZOS could i please get an official response to this issue. On consoles there is no general indication as to how much items are worth on the market as we've no access to add-ons like Master Merchant. This leads to an incredibly inflated economy along with blatant price gouging . This is my biggest issue and frustration with ESO on console. Nobody on consoles has any clue how much their items are worth on the guild store market apart from a general approximation. The only way to make a approximation of how much our items are worth is by checking multiple guild traders. This is a massive waste of time and disincentives player-player trade which should be encouraged in MMORPG's.
I see two solutions ZOS could implement.
Firstly add a feature Identical or similar to the PC add-on " Master merchant" to the consoles UI. This could be done as part of the next patch or quality of life update. Even make this feature a ESO Plus member exclusive ZOS if you want more revenue.
The second alternative solution is to create a add-on support system for ESO. Similar to the way Skyrim special edition has a mod support system. That way third part modders can port the master merchant add-on over to consoles.
I'd be much more in favour of the first solution as it seems more straightforward and that way ZOS can profit and keep the game running.
The fact we still don't have a "Master Merchant- like UI upgrade on consoles makes me feel really neglected as a consumer. I feel like i'm only crafting for myself and my guildees as the market is too volatile to depend on to sell stuff.
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