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looking for friends to play and chat with no pressure (eu)

Soul Shriven
hi add me @mrtigerfeet in game or reply here, i'm from the uk 28 years old new to eso and mmos looking to play with some people to do the main quests, some side stuff and some dungeons. just want to get to lvl 50 and make some friends on the way too
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  • ViRUSsamtastic
    What platform are you on?
  • mrtigerfeet
    Soul Shriven
    hi i am on pc
  • StickyPick54479
    Soul Shriven
    I play with my cousin and we are both Beginners. So if your on . Look up StickyPick54479 .
  • Mooncat_1992

    It looks interesting :-)

    I joined ESO last week, so far I enjoyed it. Been trying to find out how it all works... step by step actually. But it's a bit trial and error. lol

    My character is a Khajiit Nightblade.
    I'm on the EU - PC server. And currently in Alinor (Summerset).

    MMO games are new for me...

    It would be nice to make some friends who play casual, chill,... and to chat with.

    If you want to help/friend/find/... me, my name in the game is: @svenlinotte and character: Ma'dra J'iir
    Mooncat_1992 - EU server - PC

    Zino-jo (MAIN - Khajiit NB & Crafter/furnisher)

    Clan Claws - Aetherius Art - De Stamtafel - Dragonia - Imperial Trading Company
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