Looking to Join a Casual Guild or Having Players Join Mine

Soul Shriven
I am looking to join a casual guild or having players join mine.

I created The Bleeding Claws while trying to figure how the guild system works and am currently looking for players to help build this guild from the ground to represent the Ebonheart Pact. I am also perfectly fine joining a guild as well, the Pact being preferable for story line purposes. I use PC on the EU server.

My character will usually be online between 7 pm and 10 pm SAST/CAT/EET time (bare in mind SA does not observe daylight saving time if you fall into the EET time zone) on weekdays, and busies herself with fulfilling crafting writs, doing random quests she comes across, and walking through cities sight seeing, (yup, walking). Weekends she leaves for the longer quest lines and possibly dungeon and trials and is online usually at this time between 10 am - 10 pm.

I am still new to The Elder Scrolls and I do want to fully immerse myself in Tamriel, so quick leveling and endgame is not my goal. I am in it for the story and the journey to endgame, so I will be spending a large amount time time in one area trying to clear the quests. I do want to join in the PVP, but at a later stage when I more comfortable with my Dark Elf Nightblade duelist/archer's skills.

Should anyone like to join and complete a Trial or Dungeon, we can schedule a time on the weekend to complete it.

I'd like to build a community with guild with players who can assist whenever they members need it, are mindful that players online are people who make mistakes, are flawed, different and have feelings, and will be tolerant of those things. Ubuntu at its best.

I'd also like to build a guild that isn't dependent on me to function. Fully open to having a Collective Leadership.

If this meets your in-game goals as well, you are more than welcome to join or invite me.

USER ID: Draenna
CHARACTER NAME: Haelionthyne
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