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Requesting character load issue

Soul Shriven

I'm experiencing a problem with character loading into the world. I've just recently bought eso on XB (like 5 days ago). Installation went fine, initial startup, linking to my PC account, choosing megaserver, character creation - all went just OK.
But when I select character, I see "Requesting character loading..." for a minute or so and then thrown back to the start screen with error saying "Unable to connect to game server. Please check you Internet Connection".
Internet Connection was checked and it is fine (I'm on 89.9 Mb/s download, 90.3 Mb/s upload Wifi)
Other online games work fine.
I've tied:
- restarting the game (like 30 times maybe)
- clearing cache
- restarting XB
- re-installing whole game
- creating other characters
- creating character on another Megaserver (NA)

Nothing helped. Like hitting a wall :(
Note: 2 times I did manage to login with my char and even leveled him to lvl 3 during tutorial zone. Then during loading screen to Summerset zone I was thrown back and couldn't "load character" again for the rest of the day. Second time same happened during moving from Summerset to some slumps (also loading screen which threw me back to the start screen with the same 'Unable to connect to game server" error).

Currently, I've given up to login to any of my characters :(

It might be related to the endless "Requesting character loading" issue PC players are facing: https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/419075/long-character-load
I've created a support ticket with this issue: 180612-004255. Waiting reply...
  • ZOS_Bill

    As you've also gotten an 'Unable to connect to game server' error, your character loading issue could be connection related. There are some troubleshooting steps here you've not tried which may improve the situation.
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  • Nevs
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks @ZOS_BillE, but unfortunately nothing has helped.
    I checked XB Live status, my connection (it had moderate NAT, so I’ve managed to make it Open), forwarded all needed ports, cleared MAC, reboot router, reboot xb, reboot my cat...

    Still same “Requesting character load” which leads to error “Unable to connect...”

    I’ve found same issue on PS4 thread:
    Exactly the same happened to me. I was walking around in one zone just fine. But next zone-switch-loading and 90% guarantee that I’m back on start screen.

    Quite frustrating.
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