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Whip it Good - MDK PvP build/gameplay

Viable DW light attacks, speed, and damage. MDK so fine. Hope you guys enjoy the build!

Ebonheart Templar
  • JumpmanLane
    A buddy runs something like this and BRAWLS. DW/Resto. Slots talons and fossilize to proc powerlash. Cauterize and Structured Entropy for even more heals. And igneous or fragmented shield. No one runs magdk like him but this is close.

    He runs slimecraw but Skoria sometimes which procs off Structured Entropy and Burning Embers (which he also runs) and maybe talons.
    Edited by JumpmanLane on June 14, 2018 1:32AM
    Witch up, lil' witches!
  • Nyladreas
    What is that addon for expanding stats and attributes on character screen?!
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  • Gprime31
    Magdk are broken easy mode this patch
  • Nemeliom
    Nice!! I've been playing a MagDK too this couple weeks. TONS of fun with it. Check this small clip:
    Edited by Nemeliom on June 14, 2018 6:25PM
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  • Sigma957
    Nyladreas wrote: »
    What is that addon for expanding stats and attributes on character screen?!

    It's Harven extended stats.
  • Waffennacht
    Now that's a drawing!
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  • ssewallb14_ESO
    Awesome keep fight there.
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